Eco-Friendly Products, Another Visual Slideshow

Looking for cool Eco-Friendly Promo Products! Another great slide show from Proforma Distinctive Marketing

Click here for Eco-friendly items


20% increase in employee revenue

Would you like to see a 20% increase in employee revenue, how about a 30% reduction in your insurance costs?

Click here for Audio Blog on Wellness Programs


Distinctive Golf Item Slide show

Looking for some fun new Golf ideas. Check this out!

Golf Items, Click here


500% return, What is your Lifetime Value

Do you know your customers overall estimated Lifetime value? Click on the link below to check out my audio Blog and get a better undertanding of your LTV.

500% Return, click here


More cool “stuff” Under $5-VISUAL

Click on the link below for another cool slideshow from Proforma Distinctive Marketing

Neat stuff under $5!


Cool promo items under $5, VISUAL

Last time I Audio Blogged, I talked about animoto. Check out some really cool items under $5. Let me know what you think.
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