The Lost Art of a Thank You Card…and Maybe a Gift

Guest Blog from Serina Kelly with Relevate (317-203-7740)

I remember when I was a little girl there was a part of me that dreaded such special occasions as birthdays and Christmas – definitely didn’t dread the receiving of the gifts, but having to write the thank you card afterwards.  For a young child, this was torture, and I would venture to say, others still think of it that way as adults.  Nowadays, we don’t have our parents telling making us write them out – and it’s a shame.
As a society, we have become accustomed to the fast track of saying thanks – if we say it at all.  We shoot out a quick email or text message and think we can check that off of our list.  You know as well as I do that we are bombarded with emails and texts every single day.  Any of us bombarded with receiving a thank you card the old fashioned way – through snail mail?  I doubt it.  And you can probably remember the last time you received a genuine thank you card.
I challenge you to take that extra few minutes today and send a thank you card to someone…and maybe send a nice little gift now and then to those clients, strategic partners or influencers in your life.  I’m sure Eric Marasco has some great ideas on gifts that will be a true expression of appreciation and thoughtfulness, which  will go a long way in helping you build those relationships we all want in our lives – both personally and professionally.

Serina Kelly