10 Things I liked from the Apple WWDE

The Apple WWDE had some cool new updates and features. Just in case you don’t have time to read a long transcription or don’t have time to watch the replay, here are my top 10 game changers from Apple (in my opinion).

1) Overall a thinner MacBook Pro. I was hoping for a lower price point below $2199

2) iCloud acting more like Dropbox.

3) Use my laptop with Apple TV, might be time to spring for one.

4) Seri integration with car makers. This will be cool, but I don’t plan on buying a new car anytime soon.

5) Facebook integration is IOS6

6) Do not ditrub mode for iPhone

7) FaceTime over cellular, very cool.

8) New Maps.. no more Google, turn by turn direction,  and will reroute around traffic

9) Shared Photo Stream

10) Don’t have to wait long, release for IOS6 this fall.