Guest Blog: Preparing for Trade shows

Kate McCall from our marketing team discusses some great strategies for your 2014 trade shows.

“When preparing to go to a tradeshow – either as an attendee or as an exhibitor – most people focus on what will go on at the event itself. Attendees may think about the booths they want to visit, and exhibitors may focus on the giveaways they imgres-1want to have on-hand. But it’s important for both attendees and exhibitors to consider everything that should happen not only at the show, but before and after it happens, as well.

With that in mind, here are tips for both attendees and exhibitors to consider when planning for their next tradeshow trips:

Attendees: Review the list of those exhibiting at the tradeshow (this will most likely be online, or given in a tradeshow packet sent to you). Then, determine your ‘plan of attack.’ Figure out…”

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How fit Is your business…or YOU!

If you have ever been out to lunch with me, you will know I love a good old juicy cheeseburger or a hot buffalo300px-BurgerKing_Double_Whopper chicken sand which. The big question for professionals is how to stay fit while on the go.  Jessica Brandenburg from our marketing team outlines some ideas for our tight work schedules.

“If you’re anything like me, you know the importance of health and the value society places on it. But sometimes, it’s downright impossible to stick to your eating habits and workout routine. Consider all of those times you were running late to an appointment, swung by Burger King for a quick (and mouth-wateringly delicious!) Whopper just to show up five minutes early with a full gut and mayonnaise on your shirt. Have you ever traveled for work, being forced to stay in a hotel for a few nights, eating food on-the-road, and staring at the all-too-small “fitness center”? Deep inside you know that the food is out of your control – there isn’t much you can do without your own stove and sauce pan. But that gym… that fitness center that is big enough for one of your thighs to squeeze in (lest you had a Whopper) and a treadmill as old as your socks…” Click here for the rest!


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Business Cards..Do you need them?

300px-Card_case9 times out of 10 clients ask me this question. Are business cards still needed?   Here is a guest post from Tom Zobel with some of his thoughts.

“Business cards. Are they even necessary nowadays? In an era of smartphone users and social media, when you meet someone face-to-face, is a paper exchange even needed?

Let’s think about this for a second. Say I meet someone at a business function and we want to swap information. I’m guessing we both have smartphones, social media accounts and five to 10 other ways of quickly staying in touch. Again I’m asking myself, “Do I need to bring paper into this equation?” My initial thoughts are… CLICK HER FOR THE REST”

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Men Like Pink Too

Some Interesting data from Barbara Sulik from our marketing teams blog…

“According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Cancer is the #2 killer of both females and males, just a few percentage points below Heart disease.   One of the most talked about and recognized cancer is Breast Cancer.  While not nearly as common or well publicized, men are diagnosed with breast cancer as well.  The Susan G. Komen foundation shares the following statistics regarding rates of breast cancer incidence amongst men and woman in 2010 (most recent data available)…”

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Hole-In-One At Your Next Golf Event

BlogImage_AprilSpring is here and now is the time to plan your outdoor events.  Golf events are among the most popular corporate sponsored events.   A golf event allows the host to conduct business meetings outside of the office, often times reducing the prospect’s defense walls and commanding the attention of the decision maker for an entire day.  Most importantly, a golf event allows you to further build relationships with clients and employees.

Just as you would for a meeting, establish an agenda to include a formal business message delivered prior to anyone getting into a golf cart.  Most attendees would expect to hear a relevant presentation, but do attempt to keep the message brief.  General rule of thumb is that this is the event kickoff and shouldn’t exceed 30 minutes.

When planning a golf event, the following should be considered:

•    Set a budget.  Your budget should be considerate of green fees, event promotions, food and beverage, the cost of any non-playing attendees and any prizes you wish to give away.

•    Determine the maximum number of attendees.  Include your guests and individuals you intend to invite from your organization.   This should include your host players and non-golfing staff.

•    Select the location and time of your golf event.  The most popular tee times are 8AM and 1PM.  Be considerate of travel times to and from the golf course and ensure that the facility has an adequately sized clubhouse for your event.

•    Develop an agenda.  Build in time for your welcoming message and closing ceremonies, if applicable.  If your event includes 18-holes, make sure to build in time to break for lunch.

•    Send out invitations.  You’ll need to present a final count to the course, so make sure you state all of the details of the event, provide the event agenda, and an easy way to RSVP on the invitation.  Many hosts choose to elect an online event registration form.

•    Determine food, beverage and prizes.  Continental breakfast and boxed lunches are among the easiest choices.  Popular prizes include a sleeve of golf balls, golf shirts, golf accessories and trophies.

•    Select the event format.  Scramble and Best Ball are the most popular formats for golf events.  Scramble allows each player to tee off and the play continues from the best tee shot.  Best Ball allows each player to play their own ball, but the best score in a foursome is recorded.

•    Invite guests and determine pairings.  A host player should be included with every foursome.  Pairings are typically due to the golf course 24 hours prior to the event.

Looking for ways to make your golf event one-of-a –kind?  Try adding a theme to your event to encourage the fun!

GUEST POSTING BY: Melissa Gutschmidt, programs coordinator at Proforma

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Go Green…Are You Ready?

blogemail_021913“You see the same thing in almost every grocery store: Reusable bags made out of recycled material are being used to carry items, entire aisles are dedicated to organic food and even the paper coffee cups carried by shoppers proudly display a small blurb about how the cup is either biodegradable or made from a certain percentage of recycled products. It seems like everyone has jumped on the “green” bandwagon these days… your company can, too, by starting with something as simple as the products you choose to promote your brand.

Before you start, arm yourself with as much knowledge of the eco-friendly industry as possible. Here are some things to keep in mind:

Know Your Material – Biodegradable plastic can be used for almost anything – pens, mugs, even USB flash drives. Fabric can also be made “green” by using organic cotton, bamboo or hemp. Recycled PET can also be a great alternative for items that typically use polyester or plastic.

Keep Every Step of the Process in Mind – If you’re looking to print a logo on a t-shirt made from organic fabric, for example, will you be using environmentally-friendly ink? Plastisol inks use phthalates and polyvinyl chloride, which aren’t eco-conscious. Instead, use water-based inks or inks that have non-PVC resins and non-phthalate plasticizers. If you’re packaging a product, keep that in mind as well – choosing a recycled box and recycled paper for any inserts is also something to consider

Stay Informed – Sites such as Green Seal, a nonprofit organization that gives their seal to products that have met rigorous environmental leadership standards, and the DMA Environmental Resource Center, which provides tools and articles that assist businesses in marketing in a more eco-friendly way, can help you to stay up-to-date on everything eco-friendly. Not only will this help you to make sustainable decisions for your company, but it will also help you to become more knowledgeable for eco-conscious clients and prospects.

Keep the Initiative Going – Promoting your company with sustainable promotional products is an easy way to start helping your business to be more conscious of the environment, but it shouldn’t stop there! The more that your company goes green, the more it can benefit. Companies that focus on reducing energy consumption can also reduce their energy bills and tax credits may be available to companies who use environmentally-friendly business practices. Additionally, the Green Business Bureau reported that companies who promote a healthier workplace, whether it is through organic food selections or the use of environmentally-friendly cleaning products, reported 20 percent less sick days used by employees a year!”

So, concerning going green on your next promotional campaign and show your clients you care!

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GUEST POST  by By Leslie Bissell

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Tips For Your Next Tradeshow

imgres-1We work with many of our clients on distinctive tradeshow campaigns.  Here is some advice from our expert marketing team at Proforma.

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“Do you have a tradeshow coming up and are in need of a few tips to make your booth the best booth at the show? It’s a new year and what a great way to promote your business than by attending tradeshows. Check out these easy-to-do tips to help you have a successful tradeshow event.

1.    Trained booth attendance. Make sure you take the time to train your booth staff on your products and services. Unknowledgeable staff is unprofessional and..”

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Espresso To Go Show and Granita di Caffe’


Here is a

non-related promotional marketing post from Italy in 30 Seconds. Our video blog is named the Espresso To Go Show because we not only love espresso but Italy as well.  We are more of a purest when it comes to espresso drinks  (2 oz only), but this granita di caffe’ is awesome as well.


Guest Post from Pamela Marasco, founder of and author of Seeing and Savoring Italy


Summers not over yet, so there’s still plenty of time to enjoy an Italian granita di caffe’. A semi-frozen dessert made with sweetened espresso. Originally from Sicily, a granita (granita siciliana) is made from sugar, water and flavorings, freezing the ingredients while mixing them. In Italy, regional variations in preparation result in a coarse or smooth texture similar to a sorbet…Click here

The Two Taxi Problem

Calling a cab is a smart way to ensure that you have reliable transportation without having to deal with the hassles of parking. Calling two cabs, however, is potentially a disaster.

At first, it might seem like it’s a great idea to call two taxicabs from two different companies to schedule a pick up. Although each driver is probably highly reliable, there could be delays due to weather, traffic or mechanical issues. Placing two individual requests just seems like clever thinking. Read More


Guest Post from Robby Slaughter  owner of Slaughter Development,  focusing on accelerating business through methodology engineering.  Also the author of Failure: The Secret to Success.