Business Chess, Who do you want to partner with?


Once Again…Some things are just better together.
Your business partnerships should be the same way!

Strategy and precision are behind each move the King and Queen make around the chessboard. Make a smart move for your company by implementing an incentive or recognition program. There are a wide variety of multi-dimensional programs you can use to increase loyalty and productivity.

Make the next move toward success with programs including:

  • Customer Loyalty
  • Employee Recognition
  • Online Rewards
  • Safety
  • Sales Achievements
Proforma Distinctive Marketingis an Indianapolis Indiana bases company that provids branding management solutions. Proforma is committed to bringing ideas, inspiration, strategy, and tools to help his clients grow their business and achieve success.  He has a complete offering of products and services focusing on promotional products, printing services, eCommerce solutions, and multimedia.

Revolutionize the Way You Do Business with PROecom

PROecomTake Control!
Revolutionize the Way You Do Business with PROecom

Did you know… with a customized eCommerce solution from
Proforma Distinctive Marketing, you can give your employees and
customers access to branded materials 24/7? Our eCommerce
platform, PROecom, allows for permission-based, online
purchasing that reduces costs and increases efficiencies.

PROecom can help you:
1) Reduce operational costs and maverick spending
2) Provide your sales force with sales and marketing tools
3) Gain better control of tracking and inventory
4) Control and manage your brand

Whether it’s targeted 1:1 marketing campaigns or employee
recognition programs PROecom can help.

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