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Apparel is a promotional powerhouse.  An industry study on consumer opinions of advertisers gave logoed apparel high marks.

8355L_cat_lgCheck out some of these numbers

1) Outerwear produced a positive impression with 75% of recipients, more than any other promotional product.

2) Shirts left a favorable impression with 61% of recipients, second only to outerwear.

3) Caps and headwear generated a positive impression with 59% of recipients, better than all but outerwear and shirts.

How would you like your next marketing program to have these type of positive marketing impressions.

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How fit Is your business…or YOU!

If you have ever been out to lunch with me, you will know I love a good old juicy cheeseburger or a hot buffalo300px-BurgerKing_Double_Whopper chicken sand which. The big question for professionals is how to stay fit while on the go.  Jessica Brandenburg from our marketing team outlines some ideas for our tight work schedules.

“If you’re anything like me, you know the importance of health and the value society places on it. But sometimes, it’s downright impossible to stick to your eating habits and workout routine. Consider all of those times you were running late to an appointment, swung by Burger King for a quick (and mouth-wateringly delicious!) Whopper just to show up five minutes early with a full gut and mayonnaise on your shirt. Have you ever traveled for work, being forced to stay in a hotel for a few nights, eating food on-the-road, and staring at the all-too-small “fitness center”? Deep inside you know that the food is out of your control – there isn’t much you can do without your own stove and sauce pan. But that gym… that fitness center that is big enough for one of your thighs to squeeze in (lest you had a Whopper) and a treadmill as old as your socks…” Click here for the rest!


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Go Green…Are You Ready?

blogemail_021913“You see the same thing in almost every grocery store: Reusable bags made out of recycled material are being used to carry items, entire aisles are dedicated to organic food and even the paper coffee cups carried by shoppers proudly display a small blurb about how the cup is either biodegradable or made from a certain percentage of recycled products. It seems like everyone has jumped on the “green” bandwagon these days… your company can, too, by starting with something as simple as the products you choose to promote your brand.

Before you start, arm yourself with as much knowledge of the eco-friendly industry as possible. Here are some things to keep in mind:

Know Your Material – Biodegradable plastic can be used for almost anything – pens, mugs, even USB flash drives. Fabric can also be made “green” by using organic cotton, bamboo or hemp. Recycled PET can also be a great alternative for items that typically use polyester or plastic.

Keep Every Step of the Process in Mind – If you’re looking to print a logo on a t-shirt made from organic fabric, for example, will you be using environmentally-friendly ink? Plastisol inks use phthalates and polyvinyl chloride, which aren’t eco-conscious. Instead, use water-based inks or inks that have non-PVC resins and non-phthalate plasticizers. If you’re packaging a product, keep that in mind as well – choosing a recycled box and recycled paper for any inserts is also something to consider

Stay Informed – Sites such as Green Seal, a nonprofit organization that gives their seal to products that have met rigorous environmental leadership standards, and the DMA Environmental Resource Center, which provides tools and articles that assist businesses in marketing in a more eco-friendly way, can help you to stay up-to-date on everything eco-friendly. Not only will this help you to make sustainable decisions for your company, but it will also help you to become more knowledgeable for eco-conscious clients and prospects.

Keep the Initiative Going – Promoting your company with sustainable promotional products is an easy way to start helping your business to be more conscious of the environment, but it shouldn’t stop there! The more that your company goes green, the more it can benefit. Companies that focus on reducing energy consumption can also reduce their energy bills and tax credits may be available to companies who use environmentally-friendly business practices. Additionally, the Green Business Bureau reported that companies who promote a healthier workplace, whether it is through organic food selections or the use of environmentally-friendly cleaning products, reported 20 percent less sick days used by employees a year!”

So, concerning going green on your next promotional campaign and show your clients you care!

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GUEST POST  by By Leslie Bissell

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Promotional Products vs. Baseball


Just like with your business, loyalty is everything in sports. The baseball season is coming fast and everyone is loyal to a team. 

No matter what the score is – sports teams have a following that is strong and committed. Create that same bond with your customers and draw in prospects with sports and outdoor living promotional products  Showing fans your allegiance to the home team will make them more inclined to be loyal to you…. READ MORE

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How to have Eco-friendly Marketing Initiatives

When the city of Arlington, TX decided to give away free trees to promote tree planting in their community at the city’s annual Ecofest celebration, they reached out to Proforma to create a logoed bag that would keep the trees protected before and during the event. A challenge arose, however, when the city realized that keeping trees in disposable bags was not aligned with their sustainable image.

Proforma suggested a vivid, recyclable and reusable plastic cup to contain the small trees. The cup was customized with educational information, as well as instructions on how to take care of the tree.

The staff and attendees of the event loved the tree containers and were excited to use the cups later on as a reminder of the importance of sustainability in everyday life. Proforma continues to provide the customer with other eco-friendly items, including sustainable t-shirts and tumblers.


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Turn a new leaf with eco-friendly products

Show your customers that you care about them and the environment with eco-friendly productsFrom notebooks made from recycled materials to biodegradable water  bottles, Proforma Distinctive Marketing has an abundance of eco-friendly products that will make you and Mother Nature proud. Check out our Spring Into the New Year catalog  for more great ideas. 
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Just get a Napkin!


Have you ever thought about the promotional opportunities for napkins, probably not. Most marketing managers never consider the high impression impact napkins, YES napkins can provide. Here are a few ideas…

Schools: Print the drama clubs cast list or the sporting schedule on napkins and had out to local restaurants.

Corporations: Instead of providing note paper create that best idea on a cooperate napkin in the next brainstorming meeting.

Religious Groups: Provide a list of church activities or mass schedules and had out to local coffee houses and other establishments.

Healthcare: Print healthcare statistics on the inside of the napkins

Restaurants & Bars: Print a mini menu for desert, special drinks, best sellers, or future events on the outside of the napkin.

For just pennies a item you can create distinctive impressions. I know you can think of more and creative fun ways to use napkins for your next marketing campaign.


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