10 Things I liked from the Apple WWDE

The Apple WWDE had some cool new updates and features. Just in case you don’t have time to read a long transcription or don’t have time to watch the replay, here are my top 10 game changers from Apple (in my opinion).

1) Overall a thinner MacBook Pro. I was hoping for a lower price point below $2199

2) iCloud acting more like Dropbox.

3) Use my laptop with Apple TV, might be time to spring for one.

4) Seri integration with car makers. This will be cool, but I don’t plan on buying a new car anytime soon.

5) Facebook integration is IOS6

6) Do not ditrub mode for iPhone

7) FaceTime over cellular, very cool.

8) New Maps.. no more Google, turn by turn direction,  and will reroute around traffic

9) Shared Photo Stream

10) Don’t have to wait long, release for IOS6 this fall.

The Internet is Changing-Browser vs. App


I found an interesting article from Wired Magazine  talking about how the web is dead and applications are starting to take over. I also found some data from Flurry Analytics that states that in June 2010 that mobile apps consumption was at 43 minutes per day and now June 2011 it is up to 81 minutes per day.

The Wired article talked about what we do when we wake up…

You wake up and check your email on your bedside iPad — that’s one app. During breakfast you browse Facebook,Twitter, and The New York Times — three more apps. On the way to the office, you listen to a podcast on your smartphone. Another app. At work, you scroll through RSS feeds in a reader and have Skype and IM conversations. More apps. At the end of the day, you come home, make dinner while listening to Pandora, play some games on Xbox Live, and watch a movie on Netflix’s streaming service.”

This is so true (sounds like me) and what is even more interesting is how will marketing professional handle this new way of interacting with media and brands. How will you stay top of mind with your clients and prospects. How will you different yourself locally?  With Flipboard and digital publications  how will printed collateral be used and viewed.

One thing I do know is that personal relationships will never replace technology and people will always end up buying products from people they respect and like.


Being Creative with QR Codes

I know that I have done a few Espresso To Go shows discussing QR Codes and a recent poll as well, but here is one application utilizing direct mail, promotional products, printed item, micro-web site, analytics, and QR codes. Talk about utilizing all types of targeted media.

Social Media vs Real Life

Social Media has been a big part of our business over the last 3 years and we have helped our clients and referral partners with understanding the marketing impact of Social Media as well. We found this video on YouTube and thought is was hilarious and wanted to share.


Navigating The Technology Landscape

Technology has invaded our daily lives, and you want to incorporate it into your marketing programs but where do you begin? Between QR codes and PURLs, terabytes and geo-location, you’re lost in translation. Don’t worry! Today’s technology is actually easy-to-use and can make your job easier… READ MORE.