Business Chess, Who do you want to partner with?


Once Again…Some things are just better together.
Your business partnerships should be the same way!

Strategy and precision are behind each move the King and Queen make around the chessboard. Make a smart move for your company by implementing an incentive or recognition program. There are a wide variety of multi-dimensional programs you can use to increase loyalty and productivity.

Make the next move toward success with programs including:

  • Customer Loyalty
  • Employee Recognition
  • Online Rewards
  • Safety
  • Sales Achievements
Proforma Distinctive Marketingis an Indianapolis Indiana bases company that provids branding management solutions. Proforma is committed to bringing ideas, inspiration, strategy, and tools to help his clients grow their business and achieve success.  He has a complete offering of products and services focusing on promotional products, printing services, eCommerce solutions, and multimedia.

Creating A Uniform

Brand exposure at the restaurant down the street, the local gas station or department store… when your employees are dressedin branded attire they carry your logo wherever they go. A branded button-down, polo or custom uniform, with apparel the options are endless and they transcend all industries… READ MORE.

2011 Promotional Trend Alert

Here at Proforma Distinctive Marketing, everyone is always asking us what the latest and greatest promotional item is going to be for next year. Well from the retail industry to the restaurant industry, drinkware is everywhere. Acrylic tumblers with lids and straws and BPA fee water bottles are available in a ton of colors and styles. The bigger questions is how can you use this trend to benefit your brand and company. Here are a few ideas.

1) Employee Health and Wellness Initiatives: Encourage your employees to create a new you for the new year by drinking water at work. A custom water bottle can be handed out with a pedometer, stree-o-meter card, heath tips or nutrition information cards. Luanch your wellness program in 2011

2) Birthday Gifts: Fill a tumbler or bottle with mints, candy, scratch off tickets, or gift cards for a nice gift that fits in any industry.

3) Welcome Kits: Show new employees, organization members or clients you are excited to work with them. Fill the item with a letter, t-shirt, pen, or even coupons. This is a great idea for membership organization, colleges and universities, or fitness centers.

The lastest and greatest trends can help increase your brand awareness and contribute to the bottom line easily with custom drink wear in 2011. For more information contact us at .

The best Bags in the Industry, Slideshow!

Check out OGIO, one of the industries top bag manufactures. You can find all your OGIO products here at Proforma Distinctive Marketing. Click on the Slideshow link below to see some of the coolest bags that you can put YOUR logo on today.

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