Full Contact Packaging-Don’t forget!

What’s the use of having a great product or marketing campaign if the packaging lacks aesthetic appeal? Whether you’re executing a direct mail campaign, putting together sample kits for your sales force, or selling products through retail establishments, packaging is the first impression of your brand. This means it is just as important as the message and the medium used in your promotion. Packaging can work wonders for your brand by creating an image of creativity and professionalism, all before the box, bag or envelope is even opened.

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How do you Score with your brand?

“Fan” is the root of “fanatic”. People are passionate about their sports teams, so why not make your brand an integral part? From game day giveaways to local team tie-ins, you can elicit as much passion about your company as the home team. Becoming a part of game day is a great way to get involved with the local community. Brand popular giveaways, such as noisemakers, signs, stadium cups or lanyards, to hand out at the gate or at pre-game tailgating events. Help fans become the 12th man by giving away branded rally towels or shirts to create a ‘black-out’ effect – a sea of black across the stands (or use any team color)

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Our Needle and Thread!

With all of the styles and decorating techniques available, selecting the right apparel for your company can feel like finding a needle in a haystack.  We can help you weave through the numerous options to find the right style and fit for your company’s image.

Increase your brand visibility by incorporating logo’d apparel, here are a few ideas…

Company Events

Corporate Identity Program

Brand Awareness Campaigns

Giveaways and Promotions

And More!







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