How to have Eco-friendly Marketing Initiatives

When the city of Arlington, TX decided to give away free trees to promote tree planting in their community at the city’s annual Ecofest celebration, they reached out to Proforma to create a logoed bag that would keep the trees protected before and during the event. A challenge arose, however, when the city realized that keeping trees in disposable bags was not aligned with their sustainable image.

Proforma suggested a vivid, recyclable and reusable plastic cup to contain the small trees. The cup was customized with educational information, as well as instructions on how to take care of the tree.

The staff and attendees of the event loved the tree containers and were excited to use the cups later on as a reminder of the importance of sustainability in everyday life. Proforma continues to provide the customer with other eco-friendly items, including sustainable t-shirts and tumblers.


Proforma Distincitve Markeitng

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It’s not my Garbage, or is it?

In the last two years we have had a huge increase in clients wanting to purchase eco-friendly products for their promotional campaigns. In this age of increased environmental awareness, companies are taking a bigger initiative to reduce waste by implementing recycling programs, lean manufacturing, and many other programs.

Clients have asked me many times how they can get started in their offices.

Here are a few…

1) Post recycling signs and place collection bins

2) Arrange for an energy audit
3) Replace lighting with low-energy lighting and turn off the lights
4) Challenge yourself to achieve the same results using less, ie less paper, ink/toner, glue, etc.
5) Print smaller quantities of frequently updated materials to reduce over-printing
6) Use refillable pens and pencils
7) Encourage clients to obtain frequently updated materials online
8 Buy products with the highest percentage of post-consumer content
9) Choose a print service that practices sustainability

By making a conscious effort to lesson our impact on our environment, we all can help create a greener world.

Other partners that can help with eco-friendly solutions
Process Improvement: Robby Slaughter at
Recycled toner for your printer: PrecisePrint, Susan Meskis, 317.956.9405